Kathy Bender headshot

Kathy Bender

Vice President of Internal Operations

Kathy was previously a member of the BEAR Team from 1991-1995 before leaving to raise her family. She returned to BEAR in 2012 and served as Director of Finance and Administration for 10 years where she converted and updated BEAR’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and implemented other technologies developing today's sophisticated and full-featured accounting, payroll and HR processes. As Vice President of Operations, Kathy continues to oversee both the Finance and Administration operations at BEAR, but also focuses on providing better resources and training for the growing BEAR team. Kathy’s expanded leadership role includes employee development, expanding and improving BEAR’s DE&I initiatives and maximizing charitable and community outreach programs. Kathy is the Executive Director of the BEAR Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, as well as the leader of both the BEAR DE&I committee and the BEAR Cares program.

BEAR Experience: 1991-1995, 2012-Present
Industry Experience: 1991-1995, 2012-Present