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March 25, 2024

Northwestern University Colgate-Kriegman Lab Renovation Underway

BEAR is nearly complete with the demolition phase of the Northwestern University Colgate-Kriegman lab renovation project, with some electrical and mechanical demolition remaining. The wall and ceiling demolition has been completed and the flooring and all of the existing lab equipment has been removed. Our next steps will include coordinating the locations of all MEP work that will be required for the new lab spaces, as well as coordinating the locations of a new slotted aluminum rail system that will be installed throughout the lab spaces.

At project end, BEAR will have renovated 5,225-square-feet of existing space in the Northwestern University Technological Institute building. The renovation is to an existing robotics and skin science dry lab, as well as office space and the conversion of existing office spaces to new wet lab and computational labs. Project scope includes new laboratory equipment, all new MEP’s and epoxy flooring for the lab spaces.

When complete, the Dry Lab space will be used for 3-D printing, computation and design/fabrication of small robots. The Wet Lab space will be used for study of tissue cultures, microscopy and study of chemical processes.