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January 31, 2024

Remington’s Story: A Day With The Chicago Bears

At BEAR Construction, we don’t just build structures and spaces, we build memories.

We’re proud to feature Remington – who had an unforgettable day as our guest at a recent Bears’ game! Through the incredible partnerships and friendships we have invested in from Day One, we were able to transform one of Remington’s biggest dreams into reality: watching his favorite team, the Chicago Bears, live in action.

In collaboration with the Chicago Bears, we worked to provide Anni, Remington’s amazing mom, and Remington an extraordinary experience, from field-side moments with players to a special encounter with George McCaskey himself. Touched by Remington’s genuine reaction to the tickets, Mr. McCaskey ensured their day was truly memorable, culminating in the gift of a game-day commemorative coin for Remington and an invitation to reconnect in the future.

We’re proud of our community, proud of our city and proud of our work to make both better!