Project Details

As part of a major strategic initiative for Ascension, BEAR relocated key departments and services from the Saint Elizabeth facility and consolidated them within the Saint Mary (SM) facility. BEAR upgraded a number of MEP systems to support the increased needs of the SM building and consolidated additional departments within the building. Highlights of this 61,000-SF project include a new PACU, 27 bay prep/recovery suites, a new residents on-call center and installation of additional rooftop AHUs. The Main Lobby received a new revolving door and storefront glazing that required changes in the footing that supports the revolving door. The sidewalk approach was replaced to achieve the required grade for the new revolving door. BEAR also upgraded the security & reception desk to improve patient flow and upgraded finishes to cap everything off. Lastly, a new 2,600-SF MRI suite addition was completed under an accelerated schedule from breaking ground to having the building ready for the MRI delivery in 8 weeks.