Project Details

For this Mission Critical project, BEAR vertically constructed an additional floor above an operational AT&T switch facility while business operations continued throughout construction. The building houses critical equipment and infrastructure for NORAD, Emergency 911 Dispatch and AT&T’s residential customers in Bensenville, as well as a significant portion of O’Hare Airport. As AT&T was unable to transfer the services to another facility during construction, and any interruption in service would result in incalculable loss of revenue and endanger lives and public safety, AT&T chose BEAR to complete this critical project due to our flawless service and safety histories, as well as our plan to execute the work. The primary job challenge was creating a temporary roof to allow construction to continue while also protecting the millions of dollars of equipment below from moisture, dust, vibration and other damage, which BEAR achieved without a single incident. Project scope included a unique system of monolithically poured concrete columns which extended through the temporary roof and the existing equipment floor to new footings designed to support the permanent installation, as well as extensions of the elevator system and stair towers. In addition, all of this work was adjacent to an active COMED substation and transformer equipment. Despite several significant weather events and site challenges, the project was completed on-time, on-budget and with a perfect safety record.