Project Details

BEAR was hired for a build-to-suit 20-acre fleet storage yard service facility for a large national retail company. Project scope of work includes but not limited to:

  • Heavy civil/industrial redevelopment mass earthwork project: over 100,000 CY of on-site cut-to-fill/material handling following selective site remediation; 454,500-SF of 12” heavy duty hot-mix asphalt; 107,460-SF of 8” steel fiber reinforced Portland Cement concrete; Deep Dynamic Compaction (DDC) technique to improve subsurface conditions; an extensive 2,435-WF of steel sheet piling and 337-LF sheet pile deadman wall Earth Retention System (ERS) around the perimeter of the primary upper truck staging/logistics area (ERS system supports 23’ high raised truck lot)
  • Three new ground-up buildings: 8,000-SF precast concrete maintenance building with design-build MEPs; 1,500-SF CMU office building; 732-SF CMU guard house
  • Two large underground stormwater storage retention systems (1,168,168 gallon combined capacity)
  • Two new pre-engineered duel stall truck service canopies
  • 386 parking stalls, 20 tractor heater outlets, YETI truck trailer snow removal system
  • New access roads, new electrical service, extensive LED site lighting and landscaping
  • New bio-swale pond connected to new outfall to Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
  • Extensive coordination to install all new primary U/G fusion bond epoxy cased MEP’s through an existing BNSF railroad easement

Project scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2023.