Project Details

Confidential client owns and operates a 200-acre generating station which has the capability of generating 689 megawatts when at capacity. The property also houses peaker units capable of providing 108 megawatts during high-use periods. The client reached out to BEAR Construction for a maintenance service review to evaluate several different site civil maintenance items at the station. BEAR furnished all required safety, supervision, labor, material and equipment necessary to perform investigative field work associated with repairs to the 15” Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) in the West Yard Runoff Basin per the client’s direction. The scope included the southwest outfall ditch reshaping and restoration of approximately 900 LF of drainage ditch and 100 LF of 30” RCP for proper pitch, removal of pavement as necessary at repair area, excavate and replacement of approximately 60 LF of 21” CMP with 30” RCP including discharge into the coal pile runoff basin backfill and compact all repair areas flush to existing grade after repairs were completed.