Project Details

The Project EF-6578 ML1-134 involved the installation of a new Vacuum Neutralizer (VN) in F Building at the Confidential Chemical Plant located in Illinois. This installation allowed the J Unit Sulfonator to produce low 1,4 Dioxane material in compliance with proposed regulation limits. The new VN system, enclosed within a new ground-up multi-story enclosed building structure, was constructed where the Old Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) Hot Room was located. The Old SO3 Hot Room equipment and structures were demolished to make room for the new VN building installation. Scope of work included the installation of the Vacuum Neutralized Building structural steel, girts, stairs, grating, handrail, elevated concrete on metal deck, equipment foundations, doors, EPDM roofing system, insulated metal siding and flashing and the installation and setting of heavy equipment and tanks within or on the roof of the new vacuum Neutralizer Building plus painting, specialties, complete door, frame and hardware package and supporting trades. Project required extensive logistics and safety planning including multiple critical lifts plans for both structural steel and all heavy equipment due to proximity of a nearby Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and SO3 lines.