Project Details

BEAR completed a full-floor, 26,500-SF renovation of the 9th floor at St Joseph Hospital for the Diamond Headache Unit. The project included three major components. The first component, replacement of all air handlers suppling conditioned air to the entire patient tower, needed a temporary AHU to be placed on the roof of the building to supply conditioned air to the patient tower while the AHU’s were replaced. This required several months of regular meetings with the city, community leaders and the transit service to plan the installation and eventual removal of the temporary AHU. The second component was the complete demolition and rebuild of the 9th floor into larger patient rooms with new nurse stations, all dedicated to providing a more pleasant patient care experience. The third component facilitated the expansion of the patient rooms which required relocating the plumbing stacks for all washrooms. This included coordination with the floors above and below the 9th floor so this work could be completed in a timely manner.