Project Details

The OWI Headquarter renovation project included 6 new laboratories comprised of (2) R&D, (1) Wet Chem, (1) Analytics, (1) Light Lab, and (1) Testing Lab. The administrative area included 27 conference rooms, 5 executive conference rooms, and a new board room. The 83 offices and nearly 1,000 office cubes received new power and data and architectural finishes. Additionally we reinforced, saw cut, and demoed the existing floor slab to install a new structural floating grand staircase between floors 4 and 5. In order to bring in OWI’s (2) championship race cars (which were to be the office show pieces), BEAR deconstructed and reconstructed the exterior building facade to crane in the two vehicles, on a custom cantilevered rigging lift, to floors 4 and 5 respectively.