Project Details

BEAR coordinated and oversaw the general construction and stabilization along 1200 linear feet of existing streambank. The project scope included clearing existing vegetation, trees, debris and Rip-Rap along the project site. Once the area was cleared, BEAR excavated the existing soil in the project boundaries in preparation for a new granite boulder Rip-Rap and installation of erosion control BMP’s. Next step included the placement of clay fill to the anticipated elevation, as well as, the placement and fastening of geotextile fabric and Rip-Rap protection. To resolve one of the client’s tenant water infiltration issues, the north foundation retaining wall required new waterproofing. This work had to occur in conjunction with the primary creek work. To do this BEAR had to selectively remove 150 lineal feet of existing granite boulders from the north foundation wall at creek level, excavate down approximately 3’ from grade (below creek pool elevation) to expose the existing failed waterproofing. Work consisted of the removal, storage and reinstallation of imported Italian Baltic red foundation wall granite cladding, removal and reinstallation of granite cladding shelf-angle support, tuckpointing, concrete wall repairs, galvanic anode installation, removal and reinstallation of buried foundation waterproofing, new sheet metal coping installation under existing pedestrian bridge, electric field vector mapping and bridge steel restoration (clean/prime and paint pedestrian bridge steel). Permitting and approval required collaboration efforts from BEAR in conjunction with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD), Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), North Cook County Soil & Water Conservation District (NCC-SWCD) and the Village of Rosemont.